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Ellai basins can provide modern and unique solutions for private bathroom, dressing roomand hotel. White ceramic is clean and clear and the model mainly comes from the inspiration of natural objects with elegant appearance and integral form. Scientific basin depth design effectively solves the problem of splashing and the super clean and antibacterialELLAI Mirrooth Glaze is glossy and always looks like new.

Too flat or too round ellipse is not perfect visually and only the“just right” form can present the excellent model. Designers display a simple, mellow and symmetrical basin body with elliptical line, satisfying rational and instinctive demands in life to the maximum, and it can be called a “masterwork”.

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Outer square with inner circlecontains thephilosophical aesthetics in all living things. With such unique appearance design, the product still keeps a full and mellowtexture with extremely comfortable and excellent experience.