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Bathrooms are expected to meet the needs of different users, and thus, Ellai insists on minimalist design principle for its bathroom unit series. It aims at providing its users withmore bathroom units stylesfordifferent styles have different feelings. However, within one series, the products shall present a consistent style and a harmonious visual effect. Ellai’s bathroom space integrates practicality, quality and comfort, so as to release an enjoyment signal to all users. 

Classic Series

The lustrous white ceramic, reflected by the grey floor, manifests some classic and unique charm. It will maintain its classics and elegancy as the time goes by.

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Built with solid wood, the black cabinet, without any deliberated ageing, has been subtly arranged with a retro faucet, and set off a sense of history seemingly passing through countless days. The large American-style classic design has met the storage demand in maximum, and added some elegant taste of life to the bathroom space.

The design has been carried out in a neo-classical manner, by removing old cumbersomeness, while retaining the simple and classic part, to create a comfortable, elegant and practical space. The whole space is full featured, agreeable for daily toiletries, bathing, and storage.

The elegant and smooth design reveals a noble temperament from every angle. Its exquisite black lacquer cabinet, combined with soft white ceramics, plus the designers' ingenious concept, has brought the practicality and elegance into a full play.

Zen Series

White, simple, clean, crisp, and fresh, all such may constitute a form of Zen. Designers base themselves on practical functions of bathroom products, and restore their practical nature without excessive fancy elements. Every part in the bathroom is meaningful. Well-proportioned layout: flowers at the corner of bathroom furniture and a free-form ceramic component may instantly enhance the sense of levels and aesthetic perception of the entire space.

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Concise and fashionable rounded square design style, blended with warm white khaki, renders a flawless inspiration and a refreshing feeling in the bathroom. The air-cross design in the white ceramic adds sophisticated, and imaginary spirit to the space.

The combination of white and black has well explained this new color match, highlighting an elegancy against a low profile. The scientific and rational design of the bathroom furniture has put away the sundries and even emotions in maximum.

City Series

Storage space is reserved for basins so that daily toiletries are at fingertips. The innovative design for side storage on the main cabinet has increased its useful space, and enhanced the openness,the two complementing each other.

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By a simple design and a slim profile, the designer has presented a cozy and charming bathroom space in the most simple way. White ceramic, with a variety of warm elements, fills the bathroom with nothing but warmth.

The designer paints a concise and plain bathroom space with pure white.Dotted with splashes of fresh colors, the breath of spring has immediately spread out in the space. The freshly-colored storage box keeps all your skin care products, towels and other small itemseasy accessand extreme convenience.