Home Product Center Classic Series

The lustrous white ceramic, reflected by the grey floor, manifests some classic and unique charm. It will maintain its classics and elegancy as the time goes by.

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Built with solid wood, the black cabinet, without any deliberated ageing, has been subtly arranged with a retro faucet, and set off a sense of history seemingly passing through countless days. The large American-style classic design has met the storage demand in maximum, and added some elegant taste of life to the bathroom space.

The design has been carried out in a neo-classical manner, by removing old cumbersomeness, while retaining the simple and classic part, to create a comfortable, elegant and practical space. The whole space is full featured, agreeable for daily toiletries, bathing, and storage.

The elegant and smooth design reveals a noble temperament from every angle. Its exquisite black lacquer cabinet, combined with soft white ceramics, plus the designers' ingenious concept, has brought the practicality and elegance into a full play.