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Purchase and Installation

Q: How to select suitable toilet?

A: Please confirm the hole distance before purchase.Note: Buyers shall first confirm the hole distance before selection.

  • What is hole distance?

    Hole distance refers to the distance from the drain outlet center to the wall. In the market, there are two hole distance sizes 300 and 400 for most toilets, being applicable to most newly built houses in China.

  • Exhibition and Introduction to Measurement of Hole Distance

    Ground drainage: distance from the drain outlet center to the wall, generally being 30cm or 40cm



  • Installation Instruction

    Easy and convenient installation




Q: How to open hole on basin?

It is suggested to determine the position of basin based on the material object and leave an appropriateclearance for faucet water supply pipe, drainage device and cabinet structural components under the counter. It is suggested that the distance from the faucet centerline to the decorated wall is 51mm.

Product Q&A

Q: What flushing modes are there for ELLAI toilets?

A: Flushing modes for ELLAI toilets include:

  • 0101 vortex-type

    Vortex-type flushing is an untraditional flushing technology with animpulse forceincomparable by siphon type andwashdown type in the past. Vortex-type flushing can thoroughly clean each corner of the toilet and achieve a powerful, clean and quiet flushing environment.

  • 0202 siphon type

    Vortex-type toilets break through the traditional non-edge inner wall design, so that users can easily clean toilets with better cleaning effects. Besides, the vortex-type flushing mode can also achieve single flushing volume within 4L and thus realize real water conservation.



Q: What are the characteristics of ceramic glaze for ELLAI toilets?

ELLAI toilets are provided with unique imported ELLAI Mirrooth Glaze, being able to form a super smooth surface on ceramic surface so that dirt cannot stick or can be easily washed away even there is any, which completely eliminates the adhesion of dirt and black spot even at inside and invisible places of sanitary fittings. Meanwhile, it can also save the daily use of detergent and save water.