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“De-intermediary”Penetration and Support Plan

Challenge traditional channel profit model with flat channels

The competitiveness of traditional operation mode is weaker and weaker in modern market environment. The typical wholesale model has too many intermediate links with great expenses which are finally undertaken by end consumers, thus directly bringing down the brand competitiveness. ELLAI’s direct management to store, including ordering and delivery, greatly shortens intermediate links. During operation, ELLAI finally provides terminals with strong competitiveness and consumers with material benefits. With fewer links and convenient communication, ELLAI’s concepts can also be directly transmitted to development partners and ELLAI’s profits can be directly transferred to consumers and development partners, finally creating a multi-win healthy situation for ELLAI, development partners and consumers.

Eliminate distribution links and gain more profits

National unified price guarantees price stability and fair competition

Manufacturer’s point-to-point direct communication with uniform image, convenient management and complete support

Complete regional protection policies protect dealers’ interests

Multi-channel integrated marketing

The sanitary ware market in China has been saturated and it is unable to win competitiveness only with the single channel of terminal store. ELLAI will help dealers to integrate resources from all channels and increase sales through brand alliance, O2O and other multi-channel activities, and will bring more consumers into terminal stores to promote terminal competitiveness.

Brand new logistics model with less inventory pressure

Traditional brand operation brings a vast inventory to development partners and most of their treasures are inventory. ELLAI’s channel operation, based on a powerful data system, will support new logistics operation model which only requires a small inventory instead of a vast inventory for partners. Besides, ELLAI will also provide professional inventory management methods to assist partners to manage inventory, greatly reduce operation cost and increase competitiveness.

Headquarters Support

Strong background support

ELLAI’s development partners are operating under a powerful system and they are not isolated or alone. ELLAI’s complete organizational structure integrates the Product R&D Center, Marketing Center, Sales Center, Logistics Center, Customer Service Center and After Service Center into a strong marketing service team, providing cooperative partners with comprehensive market support.

In the preliminary stage, ELLAI’s team will offer assistances from site selection to decoration, from product display to product training and service training. ELLAI will support the operation of franchised stores with the most professional technical force, unified VI and unified operation mode, presenting a professional, dedicated and leading image to consumers.

Moreover, ELLAI has a professional product research and development team. They can update old products and conduct technological improvements based on market research and reflections of dealers, continuously research and develop new products, guarantee product quality, maintain market vitality and increase competitiveness in the same industry.

ELLAI’s sales representatives will convey ELLAI’s marketing strategies and policies, regularly visit the market and investigate stores, help dealers to finish distribution, putaway, display, tally and promotion, and promote product sales with all efforts; elites from the Marketing Department will work out professional event plans for cooperative partners, assign special persons to guide the efficient execution of plans, and offer strong brand publicity for large promotion activities; training is also essential and ELLAI will dispatch professional training specialists to irregularly offer product knowledge, service code and sales skills training to terminal shopping guides, help them to have a good knowledge of product performances and selling points and lay a solid foundation for sales in the future.

ELLAI is also very excellent in logistics: cooperative partners can inquire all their logistics orders and ELLAI will open its headquarters inventory to cooperative partners to share the inventory information and guarantee timely supply; ELLAI has also established a complete after service system to collect feedback information and opinions on our Company and products from terminals on the one hand, and guarantee the satisfaction survey on each of our users on the other hand, so as to efficiently solve after service issues in a timely manner and keep our partners away from worries.

ELLAI’s marketing service team will finish each link, integrate resources, unite as one, provide cooperative partners with the most powerful and the most needed support and help cooperative partners to realize profit increase and win-win.

Complete decoration service system

ELLAI will offer the following support and assistance to development partners in terms of store decoration. First, ELLAI will provide complete franchised store design; second, ELLAI will offer a professional list of sample report; third, ELLAI will offer assistance on decoration material selection and construction supervision; and fourth, ELLAI provide decoration subsidy based on the area. ELLAI will provide the optimal decoration design sketch and construction drawing for free based on the dealer’s exhibition area. Supervision engineers from ELLAI Headquarters will guide the decoration in person to guarantee decoration quality and unified image.

Market support, win at terminal

ELLAI will provide dealers with more comprehensive and detailed market support, adjust measures to different conditions, help dealers to precisely positioned on local market and fully support each terminal.

Continuously improve brand concept

Conduct unified planning on image of franchised store and continuously improve store image

Planned terminal activities

Let more consumers experience ELLAI products and promote the market share of ELLAI

Bathroom unit solution

Bring complete solutions to consumers and help to improve the achieving rate and per customer transaction through improving sales and service process

Complete customer relation management

Improve and maintain engineering and retail channel VIP customer database

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