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Bathroom Units

Bathrooms are expected to meet the needs of different users, and thus, Ellai insists on minimalist design principle for its bathroom unit series. It aims at providing its users withmore bathroom units stylesfordifferent styles have different feelings. However, within one series, the products shall present a consistent style and a harmonious visual effect. Ellai’s bathroom space integrates practicality, quality and comfort, so as to release an enjoyment signal to all users. 

City Series/ City Series





The designers also provide a solution for small bathrooms. Their reasonable design for the main cabinet and double-layer open partitions give easy access to all everyday toiletries. All bathroom supplies are in their own place, stylish and economicalwithfull functions. 


Farewell to complex and overload. Being simple should be the essence of life. Designers employ white and khaki to create a modern and minimalist bathroom. One of the most stunning mix is between the corner-rising basin and the handing cabinet. The basin storage space is designed to be cozy and spacious, where users may have a truly relaxed and comfortable bathing experience. 


Three-layer closed mirror cabinet is dust and moisture-proof, and meet multiple storage needs.